2nd try! Please help me attend the NEA National Convention (LINK BELOW)

Oops– I tried to post this last night in a very sleepy state. I’m going to try again. THANK YOU to those of you who stopped by and attempted to follow a dead-end link!

I have been selected by my local as a delegate to the NEA national convention, called the Representative Assembly or RA. Some locals send many delegates, as many as are allowed under the NEA rules, and some locals are able to fund at least part of their travel or hotel expenses.  However, even though I am the only one attending from my local, our funds are so depleted that there is no budget for a delegate.

As North Carolina is in an educational legislative crisis, I believe it is imperative that NC Peace and Justice educator-activists have a strong presence at RA, build our network throughout the country, and learn how to leverage our power-in-numbers into real change in our legislature.  I also believe understanding how the NEA works is important in making change within it. Hence, I have registered to attend with the blessings of my local, but without its dollars.

I appreciate any financial support at all.  In the past, when I have only been able to give small amounts to things like this, I have felt silly, but really– every little bit really does help.  If you are able to help me attend the Representative Assembly in Denver, I would be so grateful. Thank you.